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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Hot Cum Swallowing / Swapping Gallery

Here's the first gallery of many to come from Sperm Swap. This gallery features Simona (aka Simony Diamond) for fans of other sites such as All Internal, Ass Traffic and Give Me Pink

If you haven't noticed, Sperm Swap is produced by the guys who do All Internal & Ass Traffic. The thing I like about the way these guys shoot their content is they focus 100% on one niche. The site is ALL about hot girls swapping and swallowing cum. Of course there's anal sex, cum shots, etc. but the POINT to every shoot is two girls swapping cum and then swallowing it.

Lessons Learned, Damn!

The whole cum swallowing project has kind of been shelved as of now. The guys at Perfect Gonzo just went live with their version of the site: Sperm Swap. And they did an awesome job.

Here's two things I've learned from this:

  1. If you have a good idea and you don't jump on it right away, someone will beat you to it.

  2. If you know that it's a good idea, then nothing should stand in the way of the project, including competition.

So basically here's the deal with the whole thing. Nothing ever really got off the ground, so I think what I'm going to do is explore the niche some more, scout the talent, and in the meantime work with the traffic promoting Sperm Swap. The site and the content is amazing and is really what I had in mind for Load Mouths.

Gonna work this blog for the surfer traffic now ;o)

ATTENTION SURFERS: If you're seriously SEARCHING for the hottest girls eating, swallowing and swapping cum, JOIN Sperm Swap

TRUST ME, I've spent time researching this niche and these guys have put together a QUALITY website. You cannot go wrong with these hot girls. I'll be posting some pics and vids for everyone in a bit.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Fletch XXX elaborates on my prelim notes

Here's a great article by Fletch XXX elaborating on my idea of content selling a site, rather than a tour.
'You Got a Great Tour, But Your Member Section Sucks!'

Some interesting keyword-metrics on Cum Swallowing

Here's some interesting notes on keywords relating to cum swallowing / cum eating:

  • Originally when I wanted to start this blog, I wanted to use cum-swallowing in the blog title...it was taken. Fair enough, swallow-cum as in swallow cum does almost twice as much search volume, swallow-cum.blogspot.com it is!

  • In the cum swallowing niche, cum is the preferred keyword to describe semen. Jizz is second with spunk pretty far behind. Cum swallowing, cum eating & cum drinking are all top keys in the niche.

  • In choosing our listings on PPC search engines, it's going to be important to make it clear in the ads that the websites are straight and not gay.

  • When picking a keyword for what I think the site should be completely targetted on, mouth full of cum is dead on. The term receives approx 1760 searches a month across the Overture network.
That's just a few of the ways you should be analyzing traffic/interest patterns in a targetted niche if you plan on building a site in it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Some Prelim Marketing Notes

If there's any surfers reading this, you might want to skip this post because it won't be too interesting to you. For anyone else, here's the deal....Any 'serious' webmaster program is based on a PPS system. Sure everyone offers rev-share, but when is the last time you saw big boys pushing traffic to a 50/50 program? Not too often, and believe me I know. Right now I think $35 per join is pretty standard still, with $30 being the minimum for standard trial w/ console joins. $25's are reserved for stuff like $10 a month sites, console free tours or reduced price trials.

While certain programs may try to get away with the $25 per trial, I really want to shoot for a $30 payout with $35 reserved for volume. The important thing here is that with the fairly low payout of $30, we're really going to need some solid promotional tools to make it easy for our site to be promoted.

And before you can develop any promo tools, you need the content. I'm not talking about a couple banners and content .zips, I mean real deal hosteds with videos & pics as well enough of them to saturate the entire TGP market. Where I think a lot of programs fail in this is that they have the tools, but they lack the content. And I don't mean quantity (because they have plenty), I mean quality. If we're going to produce a cum swallowing site, we need to have the best cum swallowing content anywhere. If the content can sell itself, the rest will be easy.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Loadmouths.com = Cum Drinking Domain?

I registered loadmouths.com today...kind of a play on words...'loud mouths', 'load mouths'...get it? Anyway, the only reservations I have with the name is in the keyword research, we've found most surfers are searching more for 'cum' or 'jizz' rather than 'loads'. Oh well, fuck it...I like the domain, that's what I'm gonna go with for now.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Cum Swallowing Website?

I was talking with my friend Matt today about coming up with a cum swallowing website. The idea is appealing to me because I've noticed a lot of interest in the cum drinking & cum eating niches on search engines, not so much cumshots. That being said, it looks like the traffic is there, it's now just a matter of production / funding...